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The User's Guide is included in the Slicer Dicer demo download.  It is a complete reference on the operation of the Slicer Dicer application. The first section, "Getting Started," describes the installation process and presents several tutorials that lead the new user through the basic operations--opening a data file for viewing, creating slices, blocks and other display objects, moving them around, color manipulations, etc.--as well as more advanced operations such as creating animations, working with transparency, and adding annotations.

The "Procedures" section is a comprehensive "how-to" guide presenting step-by-step instructions to help you accomplish virtually any visualization task.

The "Reference" section answers all your "what's this" questions. It describes the various buttons, menu commands, dialogs, etc., in the Slicer Dicer user interface. Extensive information on "how things work" is also presented here. Descriptions of data file formats, display-list processing, coordinate systems, color mapping, and many other technical details are available here when and if you need them.

A separate section of the User's Guide provides a detailed description of the 3VO viewer.  It includes an introduction, and describes procedures and data visualization elements.  It also has a detailed index.

The guide is linked to the application, so that Help buttons included in all Slicer Dicer dialogs, as well as commands in the Help menu and the "What's This" tool will take you directly to the appropriate help text from any Slicer Dicer context. 



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