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Register for Your Version 5 Personal Key:

If you purchased Slicer Dicer from one of our distributors, you probably were not given a personal key as part of the sales process. Instead you are using the anonymous key printed on the face of the Slicer Dicer CD that you received.

What is the difference between a "personal" and an "anonymous" key? A personal key is one that is associated with your name. The key value is encrypted in such a way that it won't work without your name. The Name/Key pair must be used together. This serves to personalize the installation. An anonymous key does not have a name associated with it. When you enter this type of key in an "Enter Key" dialog, you will leave the Name field blank.

Why do we need these keys? Obviously, keys are implemented to support our copy protection and anti-piracy policies. You don't need to obtain a personal key to use Slicer Dicer, since the anonymous CD key does provide unlimited access to the program. But the personal key does come with a significant potential benefit: it will also unlock certain future versions that may be posted on this website. These maintenance updates and minor upgrades, if there are any, will be available free of charge to personal key holders. (A fee may be charged for major upgrades.)

So we strongly recommend that you obtain and use a personal key. Every purchaser is entitled to one at no extra charge. All we ask is that you provide your name and a few other items of information. Of course, we will not share this information with any other organization (See our Privacy Policy).

First Name:
Last Name:
CD Key  

All fields are required, although you can leave the name fields blank if the organization is the licensed owner of the software, and you can provide a name without any organization if you are using this product in an unaffiliated capacity. The CD Key is printed on your Slicer Dicer installation disk. It typically is a string of 20+ alphanumeric characters, something like "02VX27-0KJ76F-E45A46-1BP63L-786439".

Remember, you don't need to register this key if you already have a personal key. Here's what you can do if you are unsure which type of key you are currently using: Run Slicer Dicer and select the About Slicer Dicer command in the Help menu. The license information panel will show your assigned name and key value. If you are using an anonymous key you will see something like the following (with different letters and numbers, of course!):


Note that the name field "02VX27" doesn't look like a name at all. In fact it is just the first portion of the key value. You will find that, when concatenated, these data will match the key printed on your CD: "02VX27-0KJ76F-E45A46-1BP63L-786439", for this example. If, on the other hand, you see something like

Your Name

then you already have a personal key!



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