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Welcome to the Slicer Dicer visualization gallery. These images represent Slicer Dicer in action in a variety of real-world arenas. Click on any "thumbnail" on this page to see a larger version.   (To limit your download waiting time,  these larger versions are still smaller and lower resolution than typically produced by Slicer Dicer.)  Some of these examples are animations that will play back automatically when clicked.

These images look best when your computer (and browser) are set for viewing MORE THAN 256 colors. Otherwise, you may see colorization and "dithering" artifacts which are not present in the originals.

The animations are animated GIFs, which is an animation format supported by most browsers. In actual practice, you will use the animation viewer built into Slicer Dicer. This viewer gives you control of the frame rate, single-step forward or backward, and many other options useful for interacting with this type of data visualization.

You can contribute to this collection. If you have volumetric data or Slicer Dicer examples that you would like to see here, please contact us. We will be happy to include appropriate credits and descriptive information that you supply.

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Trailing Vortex Evolution in Weakly Stratified Fluid

Trailing Vortex Animation

Astrophysical Jet

Astrophysical Jet Animation

Storm Simulation

Global Winds

Seismic Data

Clay High-Grading

Visible Man All-Body CT

Visible Man Pelvis CT

Visible Man Head CT

Visible Man Head MRI PD

Visible Man Head MRI T1

Visible Man Head MRI T2

Human Head MRI
Head MRI Animation 1
Head MRI Animation 1
Head MRI Animation 2

Ocean Temperature
Ocean Temperature Animation



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